Case StudiesThe Market at Oregon Dairy

Increase in Sales and Shopper Satisfaction

Company Background

Oregon Dairy is one of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania’s favorite local supermarkets. What started as a farm purchased by Mom and Pop Hurst in 1952 has grown into The Market at Oregon Dairy, a full-service supermarket with locally grown produce, an award winning bakery, seafood department, and meat department; The Restaurant at Oregon Dairy, a full-service restaurant featuring authentic Pennsylvania Dutch cuisine at breakfast, lunch, and dinner; and The Milkhouse Ice Cream Shoppe, serving over 25 flavors of handmade ice cream, sundaes, milkshakes, and more.

Trustworthiness Is Huge!

Even though Oregon Dairy already had a solid presence on social media and a reliable email marketing base, they were interested in increasing their number of loyal customers. When they began using MDI as their new wholesaler, they started looking into implementing AppCard, the recommended loyalty program platform for MDI retailers. MDI’s recommendation and endorsement of AppCard played a huge role in Oregon Dairy’s decision to implement the program. Oregon Dairy trusts MDI, and MDI trusts AppCard. 

Part of the glue that has built this trust is Oregon Dairy’s AppCard liaison from MDI, Brie Rainey. Brie helps facilitate the creation and implementation of promotions, as well as providing insight to and analytics for the success of various campaigns. With Brie’s help and the AppCard platform, Oregon Dairy is able to launch campaigns that will excite their customers and boost revenue—a win/win for everyone!

Real Number Results from MDI Promotions

Since implementing the AppCard loyalty platform, Oregon Dairy has seen an increase in both sales and customer satisfaction. One of the greater successes so far has been the Basket Builder program. For the Basket Builder program, Oregon Dairy’s AppCard Customer Success Manager Stacey Miller runs reports looking at the past 12 weeks of shopper baskets to determine the average basket size. Then, the spend requirement for each segment of shopper (Top, Mid, Low, and New) is bumped up by 15% and an email or text message is sent to the shopper detailing how much they need to spend in order to receive a reward or discount. This offer encourages shoppers to stretch their spending so that they can receive the reward. Oregon Dairy’s results from the Basket Builder program have been astounding! The average basket sizes for shoppers who have redeemed this deal have grown much more than the 15% increase. Top shoppers who were sent a text message with a reward if they spent over $100 on their next trip spent nearly 40% more than the target threshold on average. 

Shoppers have also been very pleased with their access to digital coupons. Whether clipping digital coupons on the AppCard mobile app or at the in-lane terminal while checking out, shoppers are excited to be saving money on their favorite products. Oregon Dairy saw more than 20% redemptions on digital coupons, which is significantly higher than the industry’s 12% average. 

Oregon Dairy also partners with MDI and AppCard on their Free Item Friday program. Free Item Friday is a weekly free offer that’s uploaded in the AppCard system the same way digital coupons are uploaded. An email goes out on Friday morning to customers with the details of the free item, and the customer must clip the coupon on Friday. The customer then has until Sunday to redeem the coupon and receive their free item. Customers simply log in to the in-lane terminal with the phone number they used to clip the coupon and then are able to purchase the item for 100% off.

The Bottom Line

John Hurst, who manages The Market at Oregon Dairy, says of their partnership with AppCard and MDI, “AppCard has allowed us to offer a new, and more practical way for our customers to save on their shopping baskets. It has allowed our team a simple way to generate customer engagement through loyalty programs, digital coupons, and brand messaging. Most importantly, it has helped drive sales and grow basket size, without an intense financial burden.”

The partnership between AppCard and MDI makes it easy for retailers to offer their shoppers discounts and rewards exclusive to their wholesaler. Trust and communication between partners leads to more opportunities to boost sales and increase customer loyalty.

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