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Shop 'n Save

Company Background

Shop ‘n Save is a group of locally owned and operated stores based in the Pittsburgh area. The company’s 75 supermarkets are located in Western Pennsylvania, Western New York, Eastern Ohio, Northern Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia. Shop ‘n Save strives to offer its customers great prices and service on a variety of name-brand and private label products.

Loyalty Goals

    • Keep loyalty efforts fresh and relevant in order to retain current customers and attract new ones.
    • Enhance strategies by making the loyalty program cohesive and easy to use through the addition of AI capabilities.
    • Leverage loyalty program data to improve merchandising and marketing activities.

The Challenge

Shop ‘n Save has offered shoppers a loyalty card program since 2001. Even though the program has been a success, managing the different aspects has proved to be challenging. Increasingly, shoppers have been seeking new features and enhanced capabilities as their behaviors change and they rely more on online information. Following AppCard’s acquisition of Prologic, the enhanced complementary capabilities offered by AppCard and the ease of use of the AppCard program and the fact that it integrates seamlessly with other marketing platforms made moving to AppCard an attractive proposition for the Shop ‘n Save retailers. “In terms of loyalty and rewards it was clear that AppCard would provide Shop ‘n Save the ability to offer a customer loyalty program that is on par with the best in class in the industry,” said Pete Bazanos, eMarketing Manager at Shop ‘n Save.

The Solution: Built for Scale

“In terms of loyalty and rewards it was clear that AppCard would provide Shop ‘n Save the ability to offer a customer loyalty program that is on par with the best in class in the industry.”

- Pete Bazanos, eMarketing Manager, Shop 'n Save

The AppCard Pro program was initially implemented in 64 Shop ‘n Save stores in their market. Later, the retailer added the AppCard in-lane customer facing terminal (NTR), placed next to the POS, which helped simplify shopper participation with easy access — and ensure efficient data capture and more complete shopper profiles.

Moreover, AppCard was able to offer Shop ‘n Save robust integration with a range of important third party solutions — such as from IRI, Webstop, Ibotta and others.

The partnership brought immediate benefits to the retailer’s shoppers. They could now use their Shop ‘n Save Perks Card to take advantage of special deals on groceries at the retailer, download selected manufacturer coupons and earn discounts on fuel at participating stations.

Shop ‘n Save could now offer a mobile program that allowed shoppers to receive alerts, email marketing campaigns, offers, and promotions and save digital receipts on their mobile phone all centrally managed by the retailer’s management from a single dashboard on the AppCard platform.

Shop’ n Save’s Bazanos said the implementation was managed by an excellent AppCard technical support team.

“A dedicated Account Manager was assigned to Shop ‘n Save, working with us on our day-to-day execution for the program and assisting in promotion planning, execution and analysis,” he said. “The Account Manager also works with Shop ‘n Save on the strategic planning of program growth and execution.”

Reporting & Results

One of the biggest benefits for Shop ‘n Save was the breadth of data collected through the program.

The AppCard initiative enabled Shop ‘n Save to leverage shopping data, purchasing patterns and promotional results to improve buying and merchandising decisions. As one example, the retailer relies on this type of reporting for its seasonal programs, related to items such as holiday candy, Thanksgiving turkeys and Easter hams. “AppCard’s promotional tool is virtually limitless,” Bazanos said. “The promotions can range from simple discounts that stores can build on their own to extremely complex continuity promotions that track shopper spending and automatically trigger different levels of discounts based on spend levels. The system also allows for intuitive promotions to be delivered based on shopper purchases and shopping trends.”

Overall Experience

The AppCard partnership has driven highly positive results for Shop ‘n Save. The retailer’s stores are now operating a more robust loyalty and fuel programs with strong digital components that include website, mobile app, social media, e-coupons and email marketing.

The numbers tell a compelling story. Shop ‘N Save has more than 2.3 million registered shoppers in the program. The average basket for reward and loyalty members is 76% higher than for non-members. AppCard rewards and loyalty transactions represent 54% of total store transactions — and an impressive 70% of the sales.

The AppCard program has enabled Shop ‘n Save to identify, retain and grow existing shoppers, while converting and keeping new ones through global and targeted promotions.

“The experience of partnering with AppCard has been positive in all aspects.” Bazanos concluded.