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Digital Coupons Give Unmatched Access to Savings

Company Background

Wisconsin-based Metcalfe’s Market has three locations—2 in Madison, WI and another in Wauwatosa, WI. Metcalfe’s is a fourth-generation family owned and operated market known for their local and premium quality foods. Since their founding over 100 years ago in 1917, Metcalfe’s has held their family values close: they aim to provide their shoppers with the highest quality foods and the best experience possible, whether in-store or online. Metcalfe’s is passionate about supporting local businesses, farms, and artisans. In addition, Metcalfe’s is committed to working towards a greener tomorrow and has been 100% green powered for over 14 years. 

Metcalfe’s has partnered with AppCard for nearly 3 years. Since implementing the AppCard platform in October 2019, they have seen an incredible increase in customer loyalty and coupon redemptions.

Digital Age Presents New Challenges

Metcalfe’s has been providing their shoppers with an enjoyable shopping experience since their first store opened in 1917. However, as the age of technology shifted shopping norms, leadership at Metcalfe’s recognized they needed to move toward a digital system to increase shopper loyalty and continue to stay up to date with the latest technological advancements that customers have begun to expect from their favorite retailers. They knew that without implementing a loyalty program, they faced the possibility of losing market share to larger competitors who offered their shoppers a better value proposition through a loyalty program and digital coupons. Metcalfe’s wanted a convenient, cardless loyalty solution that would provide information about shopper habits, allow them to target promotions, and offer multiple ways for shoppers to clip digital coupons—and AppCard was the platform to make that happen.

Kevin Metcalfe, Director of Operations and 4th Generation Co-Owner says, “Metcalfe’s partnership with AppCard & UNFI to implement Metcalfe’s Rewards and digital coupons has allowed us to better understand who our shoppers are and provide targeted promotions, all while communicating a better value proposition to shoppers who can save with these programs.”

Unmatched Access to Savings

Metcalfe’s implemented the AppCard platform at all locations in October 2019. Since that day nearly 3 years ago, they have been able to provide a robust program that allows their shoppers to truly feel like they are saving money. One of the things Metcalfe’s leadership loves so much about AppCard is the ease of having everything—points, available coupons, and loyalty rewards—all in the same place. Shoppers only have to sign in to one platform to access all of the ways they can save at Metcalfe’s, instead of having to jump through multiple hoops as they’re trying to move through their busy days. With the ability to clip coupons on Metcalfe’s website, on the AppCard mobile app, and in-lane at the NTR, shoppers’ accessibility to savings is unmatched. AppCard’s platform also comes recommended by UNFI, Metcalfe’s wholesaler. Being able to provide shoppers with coupons for UNFI house brands offers unique opportunities for savings that shoppers may not find elsewhere. Kevin Metcalfe puts it this way: “Metcalfe’s partnership with AppCard & UNFI has allowed us to make digital coupons available to shoppers in whichever way they find most convenient—on our website, right at checkout on the in-lane terminals or via the AppCard app on their phone.” The accessibility of an in-lane terminal has been a huge win for shoppers—the numbers show that 57% of coupon redemptions occur right at the point of sale.

One thing Darlene Murphy, Marketing Director at Metcalfe’s, loves about the AppCard platform is the ease of setting up email campaigns that offer further savings to their customers. Because AppCard collects information about shopper habits, Metcalfe’s can create campaigns based on those habits. What was once a multi-step process is now completely integrated into one extremely user-friendly and seamless process. Metcalfe’s uses templated campaigns to target customers based on specific variables and can easily be updated as needed. In the future, Metcalfe’s hopes to get into more recurring campaigns that will build momentum for promotion and coupon redemption. 

The team at Metcalfe’s has also enjoyed building a relationship with their AppCard Customer Success Manager, Terri. Murphy says that Terri is always willing to help her set up a campaign, chase down reports, and bring new ideas to the table of ways to increase customer loyalty and provide them with the best shopping experience possible. In this digital age, collaboration is more important than ever!

Focus on Locally-Owned Brands

As a fourth generation family owned business, Metcalfe’s takes great pride in supporting local businesses. One such brand is Mama Bev’s Bakery based out of Hale’s Corners, Wisconsin—near the Wauwatosa Metcalfe’s location. Mama Bev’s signature product, the gooey butter cake, was born in St. Louis, Missouri, where Mama Bev, the family matriarch and company namesake was born. All of the Metcalfe’s locations carry this locally made, family-run brand. Metcalfe’s recently ran a coupon and email campaign that offered $1 a Mama Bev’s St. Louis Butter Cake. The email included instructions on the different ways to clip to save $1 and the beautiful story of how Mama Bev’s Bakery began. Saving money might be the hook, but this email also allowed shoppers to learn about a local brand that might be new to them and feel a sense of community by knowing a bit more about where their new favorite dessert comes from.

New Priorities in the New Normal

Metcalfe’s also places high value on the ability to clip coupons within their e-commerce provider. AppCard’s seamless integration with eGrowcery allows shoppers to save with digital coupons even when they’re not in the store! With the COVID-19 pandemic coupled with rising inflation and gas prices leading to an increase in demand for contactless pick-up and delivery options, Metcalfe’s wanted to ensure that their shoppers were able to save no matter where they shop from—whether that’s their local Metcalfe’s location or their couch.

The bottom line? With AppCard, Metcalfe’s has been able to remain committed to their family values and be able to deliver on promises made to their shoppers. Even though the digital age means the world is constantly changing, implementing AppCard’s loyalty program and digital coupons has given grocery shoppers a renewed reason to continue shopping at Metcalfe’s, where they feel most valued. 

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