Case StudiesFerri’s IGA

Shopper-Centric Approach Leads to Remarkable Results

Company Background

Ferri’s IGA, a small grocery store located in Murrysville, Pennsylvania, wanted to enhance shopper engagement and boost coupon redemption rates through the AppCard program. Linda and her team at Ferri’s IGA have focused on creating a shopper-centric approach to best serve their dedicated shoppers.

Shopper-Centric Approach

Recognizing the significance of aligning their strategy with their predominantly older shopper base, Ferri’s IGA has placed a strong emphasis on shopper engagement. Cashiers have played a pivotal role in promoting their AppCard-based rewards program at checkout during every transaction. They have encouraged shoppers to enter their email addresses and phone numbers at the in-lane touchscreen terminal, facilitating seamless communication between the store and shopper through emails and the AppCard mobile app. The in-lane terminal has streamlined the checkout experience, allowing shoppers to quickly and easily clip and redeem coupons by simply keying in their phone number.

Cashiers have become central figures in Ferri’s IGA’s journey. The introduction of a unique incentive program has been a turning point. Cashiers have received $0.50 for each new shopper they enrolled in the AppCard program, with the total added to their paycheck as a month-end bonus. This initiative resulted in a remarkable 1376 new shoppers between May and August 2023, directly contributing to increased coupon redemption rates.

Strategic Promotions and Communication

The store has meticulously crafted a promotional calendar aligned with national holidays and special events. Regular emails have been sent to shoppers, providing a preview of upcoming promotions, including discounts, bonus points, and exclusive offers like birthday month discounts. Ruth, Ferri’s dedicated success manager from AppCard, has played a crucial role in fine-tuning their strategies through weekly meetings, ensuring seamless coordination and the exchange of innovative ideas.

Ferri’s IGA has also enthusiastically embraced MDI programs, such as “Free Item Friday” and “Throwback Thursday.” These initiatives have increased foot traffic and led to a sense of excitement for loyal shoppers.

Innovation remains at the forefront of Ferri’s IGA’s strategy. Themed holiday promotions, featuring delectable items like cookie trays and fruit baskets, in collaboration with the deli and bakery departments, are in the pipeline. The signature sausages and meat department, known locally, took center stage in promotions for Labor Day. Regular email communication offers extra rewards points, enhancing shopper anticipation.

Effective communication with staff, especially the dedicated cashiers, has emerged as a cornerstone of success. Team members have been well-versed in ongoing promotions, and their input and feedback have played a pivotal role in shaping marketing strategies. This collaborative approach ensures alignment in engaging shoppers and promoting the AppCard program.

Caring for Shoppers Leads to Results

The success story of Ferri’s IGA serves as a testament to the power of a shopper-centric approach, driven by passionate cashier engagement and strategic promotions. By aligning their strategies with the preferences of their loyal shoppers and leveraging the tools and support provided by AppCard, Ferri’s IGA has achieved remarkable results. Ferri’s rewards members have spent, on average, $8.91 more than non-members. In addition, Ferri’s rewards members have spent, on average, $20 more when redeeming points and rewards, which has led Ferri’s to a whopping increase in sales of $346,000 at the end of the first year from launching the program. Their program stands as an inspiring example for fellow independent retailers seeking to enhance shopper loyalty and drive sales through innovative loyalty programs.

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