Power your business with a Personalized Marketing & Rewards Platform

Super King Market

68% enrollment after 6 months

Gypsy Warrior

46% increase in number of items per transaction


25% higher average ticket

Basics Plus

65,000 SKUs in product catalog

Davidus Cigars

19.71% increase in products sold

Mint Julep

34.6% higher average ticket for AppCard users

Endless Vapors LA

67% of all shoppers enrolled

White Cup Espresso

33% of rewarded shoppers purchase additional item

Juiceheads ATL

60% of customers enrolled within 5 months

Alapage Boutique

Enrolled users spend 57% more than non-enrolled customers

Danish Pastry Hollywood Inc.

AppCard has helped Danish Pastry grow their customer base by 3x

Lynne Lorraine's Juice Bar

50% Of all shoppers enrolled in the AppCard program

Old Port Vape

Over 80% participation in Old Port Vape's AppCard Rewards Program


Know Your Customers

Predict their next move and get one step ahead of your customers. Collect item-level data and closely monitor buying behavior to identify trends.


Execute Precision-Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to better understand your customer's buying behavior. Set-up triggers and personalized marketing campaigns to run automatically on your behalf.


Keep Your Customers Engaged

Interact with your customers via their preferred touch point: mobile app, text messages, push notifications, emails and digital receipts.



Acquire New Customers

Through the AppCard Network, AppCard will help you aquire new customers that live within the vicinity of your stores.

Measure your success

Deliver personalized offers via text message, email, and push notifications. View the performance of your campaigns at any time from any device. Drill down to view sales by product, payment type, and location. With over 100 real-time reports, you can view the health of your entire business, across multiple locations, in a single dashboard.


Modernize Your Marketing

Engage with customers using AppCard's multi-channel marketing and rewards platform.


Grow your business today!