NEW Feature: AppCard’s In-App Barcode Functionality Offers Contactless Checkout

October 20, 2021 | AppCard Team

One of the key elements in the effort to reduce paper circular expense and weekly ad distribution is to make shoppers’ digital engagement an easy, fun, and engaging experience. AppCard is excited to continue to lead the pack by adding new functionality in the AppCard app to meet shoppers’ expectations. 

AppCard introduces the launch of a brand new feature that gives shoppers the ability to redeem points, coupons, and offers at checkout simply by having cashiers scan a barcode within the app. Here’s a little more detail on this key feature and its benefits:

What Does It Do?

-Converts shoppers’ loyalty cards into a scannable barcode within the AppCard app

-Redeems their points and offers at checkout using the mobile app

How Does It Work?

-The shopper simply signs in to the app at checkout

-Clicking “Scan My Loyalty Card” will reveal their loyalty card number and barcode

-The cashier scans the barcode on the shopper’s phone 

-Points and offers are automatically applied to the shopper’s order

-Clipped coupons are automatically redeemed 

When Is It Rolling Out?

-The new feature is live now!

The in-app barcode feature doesn’t require any setup work on the grocers’ end, but please reach out to your AppCard account manager today if you’d like assistance or want to further discuss the process and its perks.

We know some shoppers prefer the app, so we’re looking forward to seeing how they’re taking advantage of this new feature, and, most importantly, what our valued customers think about it.

Not an existing AppCard customer? Contact us today for a free demo. We’d love to hear from you!



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